Farewell to my Lebanon full of blessing

17 نوار 2020 | 09:14

المصدر: النهار

  • Leya Dagher
  • المصدر: النهار

Farewell to my family and friends who are compelling

 Farewell to my Lebanon full of blessing
Farewell to my family and friends who are compelling

I did what it takes to stay home,

In the end it wasn't a choice I had to strome

Day by day guilt inside of me rises,

Thinking how I left my family and friends resided

Lebanon, my home is now shot down

And is trying hard not drown

The government seized our dreams

We are now shedded with tears

Counting down the years

Dreaming of a prosperous country with our peers

My 10452 km squared

Will never impaired

for it will always be spared

through the prayers we share

A country full of traits

With many restraints

But citizens just wait

Because the saints await

To lift our country's weights

I will not cry

For my eyes are dry

Together we will stand

and make Lebanon our future plan

It won't be long

Before the wrongs are gone

Hand in hand we will make our Lebanon strong.

ما رأيكم بتحضير هذه الحلوى العراقية بمكوّنات بسيطة مع المدونة ديما الأسدي؟

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يلفت موقع النهار الإلكتروني إلى أنّه ليس مسؤولًا عن التعليقات التي ترده ويأمل من القرّاء الكرام الحفاظ على احترام الأصول واللياقات في التعبير.

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