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‘Frozen City Ice World Tour’ brings toasty Christmas traditions to Lebanon

Source: Annahar
Perla Kantarjian
‘Frozen City Ice World Tour’ brings toasty Christmas traditions to Lebanon
‘Frozen City Ice World Tour’ brings toasty Christmas traditions to Lebanon
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BEIRUT: Despite the helter-skelter that has struck Lebanon politically, economically, and socially, and that has led to the cancellation of most local Christmas events, The Frozen City-Ice World Tour stood its ground.

“This is the first time in two months that my kids leave our house to go to a place other than school,” Myriam Ghanimeh, mother of three, told Annahar.

Heaps of children and families dressed in their Christmassy clothes and smiles filled the Seaside Arena, having benefited from the event organizers’ initiative to reduce the entrance ticket to the affordable price of 20,000 LBP to cater to the financial troubles many Lebanese families are facing in light of the ongoing economic crisis.

Inside the vast space of the event venue stretched a vibrant Christmas market, gigantic inflatables, an igloo cinema, a food court, an ice rink, a karting space, Santa’s house, and five different performance stages.

Each stage hosted its own unique international show: “International Bubbles Spectacular,” “Balloons Wonderland World Tour,” “Candy Fest World Tour,” “Santa Express Circus,” and “The Frozen City Special.”

The setting was filled with acrobats, jugglers, professional dancers, and not to forget the presence of an official Santa Claus who came from Finland.

Attendees of “The Frozen City” enjoyed the lavish availability of entertainment options, delighting in the warm scent of chestnuts and popcorn that pervaded the air of the event, reminding everyone present of the toasty trademarks of the Christmas season.

“This is my favorite time of year,” Christy-Anne Saliba told Annahar with a warm hot chocolate beverage in her hands, adding: “I’ve been participating in the revolution since it began, I deserve a little Christmas fun for myself!”

The father of 7-year-old Ryan and 4-year-old Tamara who were seen dancing to the dynamic Christmas songs playing at the venue, told Annahar: “Look around, the Lebanese people love life. There’s a revolution happening in the country, a protest is taking place a few meters away from here actually, but see how that didn’t stop these people, including us, from jumping into their cars to come to a Christmas festival and have fun.”

Organized by Crazy Events Lebanon and produced by Artists & More Entertainment, The Frozen City-Ice World Tour will take place on December 18-19-20-21-22-23–26-27-29-30 and January 2-3-4-5. 


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