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NAYA l Women’s activist Nadyn Jouny dies in car accident

Source: Annahar
Zeina Nasser
NAYA l Women’s activist Nadyn Jouny dies in car accident
NAYA l Women’s activist Nadyn Jouny dies in car accident
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BEIRUT: Women’s rights group ABAAD announced that communications staff and activist Nadyn Jouny, 29, died in a car accident Sunday morning in a Damour-area crash, noting in the heartfelt posting that "we pledge to honor Nadyn’s path and activist fight.”

“She symbolized Lebanese mother’s fight against suppression and misogyny of all sorts," ABAAD said.

Everyone remembering the young social justice activist posted his/her memories about her on their various social media pages. Women rights association ABAAD, where Nadyn worked as a Communication Officer, shared the news in a Sunday afternoon posting, inviting Nadyn's friends and loved ones to a tribute gathering on Wednesday in ABAAD's garden in Furn El Chebbak.

This correspondent notes Nadyn will always be remembered by those who protest for a better Lebanon, and her activism towards women's right to child custody. Her smile will keep shining in Beirut's streets.

Nadyn's most recent social media posts showed her child Karam, whom she fought to see every Saturday. Nadyn fought against the laws forbidding women from seeing their children because of custody disputes.

"The warm heart is now cold," Nadyn's longtime friend Sarah Farhat wrote about a photo of them showing a joyful moment.

Another dear friend to Nadyn, Mohamad Harake wrote: "When you said the photos were gone with the stolen phone, I told you its ok, your photos are engraved in my heart, even when it's broken your smile is a cure."

"Nadyn left before our dream that we planned for years came true," Zeina Ibrahim, Nadyn's partner in the fight towards mother's right to child custody, wrote on her page. She added: "She left before winning the right to custody of her child Karam and before seeing him in his first day at school. Nadyn was unable to experience her motherhood and left heartbroken. "

Photojournalist Hussein Baydoun, a friend of Nadyn, posted her photo with a caption saying that he can't believe she left. Just like everyone not being able to believe the news.

Nadyn's memory remains in all the inspiring actions she made throughout in Lebanon, this correspondent notes.


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