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Minimalistic lifestyle in a modern world

Source: Annahar
Nada Richa
Minimalistic lifestyle in a modern world
Minimalistic lifestyle in a modern world
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BEIRUT: Inspired by “less is more” as a life motto, the minimalistic lifestyle is all about living with less in a commercialized modern world filled with distractions and mental clutter.The core principles of the minimalistic lifestyle are similar among cultures, however, some specifics change. For many minimalists, the philosophy revolves around eliminating excessive clutter and material objects and living a life centered on experiences rather than possessions. By embracing minimalism, we are prioritizing quality over quantity in our lives. It is the practice of mindfulness concerning consumption, possessions, time, work, relationships, energy, and the environment, by identifying what is essential and eliminating the rest.The modern minimalistic lifestyle movement is a reactive response to the trendy consumerist culture, which has a remarkable influence shifting our attention and energies on possessions, making us consume a large range of goods and then want and buy more. In this sense, consumerism means “impulsive, and unfocused," mainly unintentional.In a recent study conducted by Northwestern University, people who highly value possessions, wealth, and status tend to become depressed or antisocial. Moreover, a 2005 study exploring minimalism...
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