The right to a good education for all

7 نوار 2019 | 10:37

المصدر: النهار

education Yara Saifan grade 1 SABIS International School -ADMA

No matter who the child is, where a child was born, what their nationality, religion, or ethnicity is, a child should have the same rights as any privileged child on the glove, including the right of having a good education. Education, to many, is almost as important as a person’s well-being; it is the key to making the world a better and safer world for the children of the future. A child should have the right to learn about the crucial and important events going on every day, no matter where the child lives. With a rightful education, children will use their voice to express their opinions, knowing everything that is occurring around them.

نكبة الجميزة كما يرويها أهلها: شهادات القهر والدم (فيديو)

نكبة الجميزة كما يرويها أهلها: شهادات القهر والدم

إظهار التعليقات

يلفت موقع النهار الإلكتروني إلى أنّه ليس مسؤولًا عن التعليقات التي ترده ويأمل من القرّاء الكرام الحفاظ على احترام الأصول واللياقات في التعبير.

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