NAYA| The grandmother who played a melody of hope amid Beirut blast

Source: Annahar
Patricia Batruny
NAYA| The grandmother who played a melody of hope amid Beirut blast
NAYA| The grandmother who played a melody of hope amid Beirut blast
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BEIRUT: In light of the misery Lebanon is going through, a melody of hope played through Beirut on Wednesday, bringing back some hope and faith for the city and its people.

With shattered glass, holes in the walls, and destroyed furniture, the 79-year-old May Abboud Melki, found hope in her unscathed piano that her father gave her on her wedding day 60 years ago.

“When I came home after the explosion saw all the destruction, I felt like I couldn’t do anything. So, there I sat on my piano and played 'Auld Lang Syne' the song that speaks of farewells”, May told Annahar.

Abboud-Melki has played the piano through all the happy and sad moments in her life. For her, playing the piano is therapy. Throughout the civil war, the 79-year-old found shelter in her music and often resorted to playing the piano as a way to cope.

This touching video was recorded by the elderly’s daughter in law, Houda Melki, and spread on social media by her granddaughter MayLee Melki, in Beirut a day after the explosion that killed more than 100 and left more than 5000 injured. Thankfully, May and her husband weren’t at home at the time of the explosion.

“I started thinking of the people that lost their loved ones, those that lost everything they owned, those missing, and those that are hurting, and thought, do we just say farewell? Then I remembered that I have hope and faith in God and faith that better days will come," May stated.

Amy remembers her “Teta” telling her how her grandparents received their piano on their honeymoon 60 years ago. Therefore, she realized that out of everything at home, the piano was the only object that remained intact is a sign of a better tomorrow. 


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