22 أيار 2019 | 10:33

المصدر: النهار

Unfortunately, we are rarely accepted for who we truly are.

“The greatest gift you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance, ” Bryan Tracy confirms.

Intolerance, Hate, Prejudice, and Identity issues are indeed hurtful terms and undeniably widespread. Today, especially with the advance of technology and the presence of social media platforms, we talk about the 21st century as a century of change. The question remains what are the causes of these negative and hurtful feelings?

It is so, simply, because people, all over the world, are judged by their beliefs, their religion, their ethnicity, their gender, their class, or their sexual orientation. This is mostly prevailing when some members of the society show their true self. Often, people hold different shades of prejudice against each other. Unfortunately, we are rarely accepted for who we truly are. The society leaves behind those who show their true selves and assume their living choices. Ironically, this same society raises campaigns to encourage people’s rights. So where are these rights?

Anyone who shows his true self is being rejected and unfairly regarded by human beings, like you and I, as having something to be ashamed of! This situation cannot last. We, the young generation, need to make changes. We ought to support these people because we are all equal. Human beings want to feel loved and accepted the way they are. If every single one of us does the slightest move, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

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