Protect the Environment

9 نوار 2019 | 14:30

المصدر: النهار

Elias Diab, Grade 1 SABIS International School - Adma

Protecting the environment is a very important thing in life. Pollution is a very disgusting thing that I’m pretty sure nobody likes, and there are, in my opinion, many ways to prevent it.

Firstly, I believe that every single person should take part in saving the environment. They should do it since it prevents many living things from dying. People should not litter, neither throw garbage on the ground, but pick it up and recycle it instead. People should start using tools in their daily lives that prevent air, water, and land pollution, such as electric cars, reusable bags, plates, and drive bicycles. Doing so would save money, plants, and animals from dying, and save many humans from getting sick. It will make our world cleaner and more beautiful. Also, it can stop global warming.

In conclusion, I feel that if everyone does a small effort in protecting our planet, it will make everyone happy.

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