The right to a good education for all

3 أيار 2019 | 10:27

المصدر: النهار

Laeticia Al Nakhle- Grade 1- SABIS International School Adma

Education is the intake of information into one’s brain. Simply, education is referred to as the main source of maturity and information intake. Every single person around the world has a right to learn in order to succeed in life. For example, most countries around the world are establishing public schools to enable education to become affordable and open to every single child and adult, whether less fortunate or not. Children and adults around the world are seeking a good education for themselves or their children, which enables opportunities that cannot be missed. Most people in Lebanon are having a well-respected education, while others are not having an education at all. Why is that? Because of some disadvantages in our country, people are missing out on having the opportunity of a lifetime.

نكبة الجميزة كما يرويها أهلها: شهادات القهر والدم (فيديو)

نكبة الجميزة كما يرويها أهلها: شهادات القهر والدم

إظهار التعليقات

يلفت موقع النهار الإلكتروني إلى أنّه ليس مسؤولًا عن التعليقات التي ترده ويأمل من القرّاء الكرام الحفاظ على احترام الأصول واللياقات في التعبير.

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