Just Help: An online Food Collection Campaign

5 نيسان 2019 | 13:37

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AFEL; the organization that has taken under its wing more than 5,000 children, has cared for many deprived children and provided them with food sup

Although the organization’s Just Help campaign has just been recently established, we have had an overview on it and about its strategy from the Startup Founder Robert Harfouche.

From his words, we learned that Just Help is a free tool for charities that allows them to provide food supplies to the deprived families and to collect food from across the Globe thanks to social media platforms such as: Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

The campaign’s CEO also stated that “Since 50 years traditional food collection didn’t evolve, people are gathering up in front of supermarkets’ exits to ask for help and for food supplies. Just Help was created to allow the association to collect food online in a simple and easy way. This will help them reach more people thanks to internet and make the donation more real for donors.”

AFEL’S campaign on Just Help is the first online food collection campaign to be launched in Lebanon. Every year, AFEL provides families with food and focuses on reaching more people in need to help them.

Collectors and donators from all over the world will discover that their food collections bore major impact through looking at the photos and videos sent by the association and Just Help.

Also, for those who wish, they may participate in an all-day distribution event and bring warmth and love for the children in need.

This would create a new experience of online donations.

In conclusion, AFEL is a non-political and non-confessional organization aiming at protecting, nurturing and rehabilitating children who are suffering, and Just Help campaign came along to up the support for these children’s families and provide them with the happiness and support they need to make them see the world as a better place.

To donate : AFEL.JUST-HELP.org

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