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17 أيار 2018 | 07:37

Is dilution the solution to pollution? People used to think that oceans and seas are so vast and no matter how much trash and chemicals we throw there, the effect would be negligible. 

 Well think again!

 Water pollution is reaching dangerous and life-threatening levels today in Lebanon.

There are two major causes for water pollution.

First, let’s take a look at industrial waste. Many industries in Lebanon don’t have wise-waste management and throw their chemicals and toxic substances in the water.

Second, we notice that households form a wide range of water pollutants.

House trash and garbage are being thrown away randomly without any supervision and as it shows, our shores and water have become littered with trash.

Pollution is a serious problem that is turning our clear salty water to a poisonous pool.

It’s time to change and save what is left.

Awareness should be raised; the negative effects of pollution should be discussed by authorities and municipalities to alert people and drive them to start sorting and recycling, in order to reduce the amount of trash.

We can also start using cloth shopping bags and metal or glass bottles to reduce the amount of trash. Furthermore, volunteering to help in cleaning our beaches and water not only gives us beautiful views of our clear blue surface but also allows us to eat toxic free seafood.

 No intelligent species would destroy their own environment.

So let us move and start today to have a solution to water pollution before it is too late.

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