But dear, fail

5 كانون الأول 2017 | 00:00

“But dear, everything might happen except failure, failure is not for us…” 

A sentence probably every adolescent growing up has heard.

But, why?

What are the roots of this ideology?

 Is it to hide our insecurities?

Or is to show others’ insecurities?

 The truth is,



 Fail once, twice, and more. Fail and stand up, and when you fail again, stand up again.

The price of learning, understanding, experiencing, growing, and maturing is all associated with failure.

To learn is not to know your strengths,

 To learn is to know

 your weakness,

 realize them,

 understand them,

solve them,

 and turn them to strengths.

 To fail, is to try, is to risk, and is to experience.

And if you never failed dear, what have you accomplished yet?

You were always in your comfort zone. And what is life and adventure when you’re in your comfort zone?

To fail is to challenge yourself.

The only way we can know how strong we can stand, is when we stand after we have fallen.

 For the sake of evolving, you will fail, at least once.

 But that really doesn’t matter. Failing doesn’t matter.

What matters is you after failing.

 The power in you to stand up again;

the courage in you to experience it in the first place,

and the will in you to continue fighting what you stood up for.

This is what matters.

 So please, instead of asking us not to fail, without taking into consideration our mental health,

let us experience,

 let us make mistakes,

 let us fall,

 and help us stand up again.

Support us during all these phases.

 Embrace the humans that we are with all our strengths and flaws.

We are not the human machine that the society demands us to be.

 We are the person who struggles every day on this journey of living, and is still surviving after all.

So dear, live, make mistakes, but make mistakes that you can afford.

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