4 تموز 2017 | 12:45

How strange it is. It brings you happy events as well as bad ones. It gives you what you want as well as it takes from you the most things you want to keep. It meets you with strangers, acquaintances, lovers, hatreds, friends and enemies. It lets things to happen as a flow but sometimes as a blow. It is glittery but difficult to control. It is big but small at the same time. It is long but also short. 

Yes, it is simply LIFE.

Life is really strange. It is constantly changeable. Moreover, life at many times can gift us many happy events that one day we never imagined to happen. For instance, it can make you a hero within seconds. On the other hand, life can bring us sorrow out of nowhere without any alarm in advance. For instance, it can turn things upside down during the most beautiful moments of your life. In addition, you may sit for a while alone praying to get what you have dreamt about , and suddenly a miracle happens and taraaa your dream is now true. But, at the same time, it may be cruel more than death and surprises you with the disappearance of what you have kept for last.

Yeahh, LIFE is strange. Sometimes, you may be sitting in the bus waiting impatiently to arrive to your last distract, but a stranger may pass by and become in a while the closest one to you. Moreover, life can change your real friends or at least the ones that you categorized them as real to your enemies and hatreds. Well, in life there are no rules nor conditions nor limits, so when nothing is really limited everything will eventually be possible.

Most of the times, you may feel that luck really exists and everything is flowing the way you want. In contrast, many many times you may feel that you are crawling while your wings are still there since birth as if life is a permanent winter without a shining sun.

   Life can make long distances short as well as it can make short ones long. Sometimes you may have a great plan through life but you ran out of time to accomplish, as well, many times you may feel that time is unmovable and that everything is frozen till ever.

This is LIFE. It is not about luck nor destiny nor time. It is all about you and only you. Happiness is out of matter. It is in front of you daily, but we are blunt to see deep and appreciate every moment. In life, you can never be everywhere anytime but you can exist everywhere anytime you are present. It is your own choice and your own reflection. Be yourself and live every single moment of your life. Breathe every single freedom with no hesitations and terrors. Be brave and make a try. Leave your fears far because fear is a normal reaction while courage is a choice and you have the full freedom and access to choose, so be wise and live it the way you admire. Once you learn how to die you learn how to live. Yes, imagine every day is your last day so you are going to make use of every single moment before losing it. LIFE needs courage, education, self-confidence, feedback, appreciation and modesty. Life is you so be yourself and make a difference.

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