The Attack on Feminism

9 آب 2019 | 12:11

المصدر: النهار

  • Nema Salha
  • المصدر: النهار

This is not the fight back. This is the disclaimer you need to sit through before you make your decision

  1. This is not the fight back. This is the disclaimer you need to sit through before you make your decision.
  2. The attacks start on the term itself, feminism: the term is biased and gender-oriented unlike what the concept claims to be, so how do we trust it? Feminism is an anti-sexism movement, and seeing that between the two, the female sex seems to be the one that needs more advocacy, “feminism” was created. By definition, Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.
  3. Moving on to the concept, part of the arguments here are also pro-equality at heart. Some believe that the rise of feminism resulted in even more profound sexism, therefore the termination of both terms will in turn delete both concepts and achieve equality. The issue here is that sexism as a concept has been around for as long as we all can remember; we just didn’t know what to call it. Women also felt frustrated and helpless facing catcalls on the streets back when feminism wasn’t a thing, they just didn’t know why.
  4. Another aspect is the exposure that feminism gave to activists, which some also considered a setback, believing that equality is achieved silently, through little actions, without all the unnecessary noise. However, feminism is not war on men, there are no secret strategies that need to be done “under the table”. Feminism is a belief, a set of moral codes where sex is just irrelevant.
  5. The loudest attack is on feminist propaganda; burning bras, spreading out pictures of vaginas and breasts, throwing tampons on the streets, etc. This was also perceived as a setback, seeing that it advertises a shallow approach to the topic. Yet, these little details do matter, and are not as shallow as you might think. Burning bras symbolized breaking free from all the boundaries and limits society put on women, not so shallow after all.

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