I create stories everywhere I Go. I am afraid of the ordinary. Of life passing me by. And so I make a story from daily banalities. And sometimes I believe I am the heroine of those stories.

An Espresso And Some Fine Gossip

7 تشرين الثاني 2016 الساعة 08:47


An Early Friday Evening

The evening hasn't begun yet. It still has a good hour and so until it takes its final shape. I have written my bucket list for the upcoming year, earlier today, and I must start moving if I am...


Now I Remember

I used to be a Writer. Then I Forgot. Something must have happened. I no longer remember what. I had my own world. I never needed anyone. I was a writer. I created people. I invented worlds. I...


A Life Not Always Lived

It won't go away. This constant anxiety whenever I'm about to experience something new. Whenever I force myself to move past the boundaries I draw for myself. Always fear. It's a daily battle....


A Glass of Champagne And Some Blackberries

I Enjoyed The sights When I came back home. I lived them twice. Perhaps I Only really lived them when they became memories. The Balcony In our Hotel Room was cozy and small. I spent many moments...


And Yet, Summer is still a few weeks away

It is taking me forever to get there, but I must admit that I am enjoying the sights. Every scene I pass by in my car virtually unfolds as a story upon itself. A light story. A summer story. And...


Little Greece…A Glass Of Whiskey…

Saturday early afternoon. It is a rainy day and the glass of whiskey has gotten straight to my head. My family is eating and drinking the late March day away. All crammed up in the small winter...

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